Who Are We

My name is Angie and I am a working Nursing graduate, a wife, and a mom of 2. I have worked in the Medical Field for over 10 years and been a mom for over 4 years now.

Like many others I have struggled with many obstacles in my short time. Life's obstacles, bad decisions, and mental illness all took a toll on me. Despite my efforts it always felt like nothing could go right for me. I had permitted my mind to fall deeper and deeper into this dark abyss that the woman I had become reflected nothing who I wanted to be physically or mentally.

And so the process began. I came across a friend I had met years ago (one of my creators) and this idea just kind of took over. I said to myself, " I can totally do this!".

I found something to design, to create, something for ME. I would no longer only be someone's wife or someone's mom. I would build my OWN Brand and help others in the process by offering all organic homemade products that would promote skin wellness and ultimately mental wellness by helping them through my products feel comfortable in their own skin once more!

I love the messages I get from customers and seeing the smiles and surprise on people's faces when they see and try my products. The amazement on their face when they find out my bars are soap and not edible is priceless.

Eventhough I started this brand it has become a family affair in the sense that my children are the first critics to my products. My kids love trying out our different bath bars.That's right, I needed to make sure what I was to offer was something I trust using even on my own kids. My son had slight eczema as a baby and my daughter only 16 months old still has that baby sensitive skin. I don't play when it comes to my children and I don't play when it comes to my brand; these products are EVERYTHING!

My 4 year old son helps me decide what colors to use on my labels for packaging. My husband has voiced his sense of pride in me and lends an ear for new ideas.

This journey was begun to recuperate what I had lost but instead found myself to be even better than I ever thought I could be. I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and now am committed to continue challenging myself in every aspect by building a Brand with Values and a Mission I will always be proud to standby.

Take this journey with me to Lather Land!!!